Top Places to Spend Cryptocurrency in Serbia

Sep 16th 2019

When you think of cryptocurrency, Serbia probably isn’t the first country that pops into your mind. You’re might more likely to associate this cutting-edge technology with Silicon Valley or downtown Tokyo than to have even thought about where you can spend cryptocurrency in Serbia.

What you might not realize, though, is that this Western Balkan nation of seven million people has already developed a strong crypto culture. In 2019, Serbia is home to several leading crypto and blockchain firms.

What’s more, there’s an increasing number of restaurants, bars, and shops that accept crypto payments in Serbia. That’s perhaps the most promising indication of crypto’s increasing appeal in this part of the world. After all, we’ll never reach mainstream crypto adoption until people can spend crypto as they would any other currency.

Regardless of whether you live here or are just visiting on vacation, there’s every chance you want to pay with Bitcoin in Serbia. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate Belgrade crypto guide, with a few crypto-friendly businesses from other parts of Serbia thrown in, too. We hope you’re ready to get your digital wallets out and join us for the ride!

1. Dogma Brewery

One of Serbia’s best-known craft beer brands is also the king of cryptocurrency in Serbia and the technology’s most public exponent. This increasingly popular brewery, located just across the road from Belgrade’s city lake, has been at the forefront of accepting crypto payments in Serbia for several years.

The business’s co-owner, Mladjen Merdović, is also the president of the Bitcoin Association of Serbia. He introduced crypto payments to the brewery after getting involved in Bitcoin as an early adopter. His former restaurant, Apetit, also accepted crypto payments for several years.

In many ways, Dogma’s success has gone hand-in-hand with the cryptocurrency boom. The brewery is a favorite among members of the local tech scene and regularly hosts meet-ups for crypto enthusiasts and successful blockchain startups. Its prominent “Bitcoin accepted here” sticker is a welcome sight for any visitor looking to use their crypto in a real-world scenario.

Of course, you don’t want to spend your cryptocurrencies on any old beer. Thankfully, you’re in safe hands at Dogma. At any one time, the brewery offers up to 12 of its own craft beers on tap, as well as a bunch more in bottles. Order yourself a mouthwatering platter of sausages and fries, wash it down with a pint of Hoptopod, and get your wallet app ready - you’re in for a big night!

2. Cryptoshop

We love it when a business keeps it simple and does what you’d expect it to. That’s exactly what you get with, an online shop that advertises itself as the first crypto store in Serbia.

The site offers great deals on a range of appliances, all the way from phones and laptops to white goods, televisions, and gaming appliances. Aside from four major cryptocurrencies, the site also accepts payments with credit cards and major web wallets, including PayPal.

As you browse through the items on offer, you’ll see all prices presented in the local currency, Serbian dinars (RSD). However, you’ll also notice small logos for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin under each product. Simply by hovering over the corresponding logo, you’ll be able to see how much the product costs in each one of those cryptocurrencies. It’s a simple UX feature that shows how serious the site’s owners are about shopping with cryptocurrency in Serbia.

So, if you’re looking for an online shop where you can spend cryptocurrency in Serbia, look no further!

3. Dazoni Computers

Located in a hilly suburban area of Belgrade, you’d hardly expect this unassuming computer business to be a leader in the region’s charge towards the future of cryptocurrency. How wrong you’d be!

Founded by Nikola Cvijović, a computer expert who has been a board member of the Bitcoin Association of Serbia for nearly five years, Dazoni offers a full range of services to local small businesses. These services include building and repairing IT networks, servicing computers, and distributing hardware.

Thanks to Cvijović’s passion for crypto and blockchain, you can pay with cryptocurrency here. Let’s hope some more companies in the Serbian IT sector follow his lead!

4. Tebra Cafe

Belgrade has seemingly thousands of cafes. To date, only one of them accepts payments in cryptocurrency.

Tebra Caffe, located in the city’s upscale Vračar neighborhood, began accepting Bitcoin in April 2019. Now you can pay for your cappuccino with your crypto, which is a sentence we’ll never get sick of saying.

Aside from its crypto-friendliness, this trendy cafe also offers beers, a delightful beer garden, and regular live music performances. If you’re not sure where to spend Bitcoin in Serbia, make sure you check it out.

It appears that in Serbia, crypto and craft beer is a match made in heaven.

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