Xcalibra 1.17 Released

Feb 12th 2021


This week we are releasing a significant update to the Xcalibra trading platform. The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues proliferating, and in lock step we continue to improve the experience of our members and elevate the performance of the platform. This update includes improvements to the charting interface, buy/sell widgets, enhanced loading times, and notably a trollbox rebrand.

The Trollbox is now, Members' Live Chat

We have rebranded the trollbox to be called Members' Live Chat. From now on, only fully verified traders will be capable of joining the discourse, and we feel that this rebrand will foster more wholesome discussion and bring an end to the previously occurring unsolicited drive by trolling from partially registered accounts :)


Chart Update

A notable update in this release is to the Charting Interface. We have separated the volume graph from the price chart in order to improve the experience when analyzing the historical and real time chart data. Before this update, a volume spike would overlap with the pricing candles which is now corrected with the recent change to the charting interface.

In addition, traders who analyze the charts with calculators and drawing tools will have their modifications saved per trading pair even after you log out. This way you can always come back to your analysis in between trading sessions knowing your chart modification are saved automatically as they are drawn.

Besides these notable updates, some additional minor bug fixes in the charting display have been made to give a smoother experience.

Enhanced Buy/Sell Total Estimations

Further, we have made a notable improvement to the Buy/Sell widgets found on the main interface. These widgets have now been linked to the order book making the total estimator when placing an order more aligned with the present state of the orders in the market. Now, when you click on the order book, it will fill in the quantity and reflect the price collectively straight from the order book.

This update is consistent across the order types and it will enhance your available information at the time of placing an order by automatically calculating estimates using the order book data at that moment.

Improved Loading

This update also improves the speed and reliability of switching between market pairs. We have optimized the way the platform handles transitions when selecting different pairs so that there is less lag and less data usage which translates into smoother loading experience while using the exchange. This way you will be able to switch between markets knowing that the platform will respond rapidly while you react to changes in the market.

We are so glad to provide you with this update, and we continue to monitor and analyze ways in which we can improve your trading experience at Xcalibra. As the cryptocurrency markets become ever more prevalent we remain on the path of providing you the best service with speed and reliability.

Thank you, and best of luck in your endeavors!