Fee structure on Xcalibra

May 15th 2019

You can see the deposit and withdrawal fees here: Status and fees


Cryptocurrency deposits are processed in real time, 24 hours a day. Deposits are credited to your account once the transaction reaches the minimum required confirmations on the respective blockchain.

Fiat deposits are processed during the typical business hours of each respective currency - Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays.


Cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed once per day. All withdrawals undergo an audit and verification prior to processing and authorization for release. These measures are in place to prevent unauthorized withdrawals and security purposes.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed by 12:00 PM UTC at the latest, when all withdrawals from the previous 24 hours will be processed.

Xcalibra utilizes automation in the withdrawal process. However, only after an auditor's scrutiny.

Fiat withdrawals are processed daily by 12 PM noon of the respective national headquarters for the previous 24 hours of withdrawal requests.