Xcalibra 1.12 Released

Aug 11th 2020

Xcalibra version 1.12 is out.

The biggest change in this release was the sunsetting of support for anonymous trading due to the platform evolving towards more a regulated financial environment.

In the process, we have added a new top-menu widget with your current verification state and any active alerts regarding your account. We are hoping this will make KYC onboarding a bit easier going forward.

Other changes worth mentioning are:

  • Improved Buy/Sell widget design. Different tabs now look more balanced. We have added some help texts, keyboard controls and made validation much nicer.

  • We are now showing server time in the bottom left corner of the screen. If your local time is out of sync, we will give you a subtle warning, so you are aware of what is happening.

  • Improved mobile menu, with account alerts and notifications now visible to the mobile users. We have also made it look better on tablets.

  • Refactored conversion rate system. The rates will now be better maintained and synced accross different screens and services.

  • Card payments page will now make it clearer if you don't have an ability to use it, and why.

  • Visual tweaks in main menu and settings pages.

And of course, assorted bug fixes and minor improvements.