Xcalibra 1.16 Released

Dec 22nd 2020

Our headlining feature for the Xcalibra 1.16 release are Security Events.


These events are generated when something happens regarding your account that might have security implications. For example, when you (or someone else?) logs in, requests password reset, changes email address, and so on. You can filter security events based on the event type. And like all other reports at Xcalibra, you can also export them to CSV for importing into your own system.

We plan to continue working on this system, and further improve the safety of Xcalibra customers.

This release also puts forward integration requirements for the CCXT trading api aggregator to add Xcalibra and the Safex pairs to the global trading environment. The CCXT library enables a single interface to interact with most cryptocurrency exchanges and we have made it possible to be among them for those trading with automation.

Besides that, we also made numerous smaller improvements and fixes:

  • Trading view allows you to save drawings and indicators made on your chart.
  • We have fixed confused messaging when Market order can't be executed
  • Phone verification flow has been greatly improved, with better error messages and bugfixes
  • Login and register screens no longer "flash" and popup at inopportune times

We have paved the way for an upcoming release, so stay tuned for Xcalibra 1.17!